The BeamAz Nuggets

#NewMonth #MarchingIn And so lets March in with these words from Mark Twain: #TBAN Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover So what are those things you keep seeing yourself doing on the job, for your career, for your business…with your life? Get up & get inspired to boldly chase those things. Its a new month with treasures to be discovered…Explore. Dream. Discover! Follow the dreams which set your soul on fire. For those you will never regret! Happy new month everyone!

TheBeamAzNuggets Set your soul on fire!

#MondayMeditations #TheBeamAzNuggets Another new week… another Monday. Todays nugget is a simple one on the surface but one with deep connotations. #TBAN Be fearless in the pursuit of WHAT sets your soul on fire – Unknown We all have that thing that sets our soul on fire… that ‘What’ that gives us a sense of purpose! That ‘What’ that makes us jump out of bed before ‘the cock crows’ & makes us go to bed way after the moon has retired for the night… Have you found your ‘What’? As we start a new week, lets keep at it , stay on the dance floor & turn up the volume. Being fearless is no easy act but one that can lead to endless possibilities! #letsGo #SetItOnFire

The CAP Series

#Friday #TimeForTheCap #TheCAPSeries And so its time to have fun with The CAP! Lets put on our CAPs and CAPtion the picture below. And this is #MyCAP: The boy & the nurse Nurse: Young man, please sit still as i get your ‘shot’ ready! Boy: *Mutters to himself* Ooohh noo nurse! You aint giving me one of those…No way! Off i go…Catch me if you can! Could this have been you sometime in your childhood or even as an adult ? I know it was me at some point(s) trying to outwit the nurses! Do i have any ‘partners’ in the house? #Chuckles Please share & lets laugh it off together! #MoreChuckles Cheers to a great weekend filled with memories & laughter! #TheCAP

TheBeamAzNuggets Light up your world!

#LoveWeek #ValsDay #ShowLove #TheBeamAzNuggets Another February 14th, another Val’s day, that special time set apart to show love…to the ‘loves of our lives’! But really, we should show & spread love every day and not just to that one person! And we all have something to show love with… Something we can give out that will cost us absolutely nothing! It is a SMILE! So on this Val’s day, even if you can’t BUY gifts for everyone, you can GIVE gifts to everyone! The gift of your SMILE… so look around you right now & give someone the love-smile! Have a happy Smiley-Val’s day from all of me #Smile #LoveSmile #SpreadLove #ILoveToSmile

Time For The CAP!

#Friday #TimeForTheCAP And after a whole week of ‘digging’, its time to have some fun & laugh off the stress with The CAP! So lets put on our CAPs and CAPtion the picture below in our own words. And this is my CAP: #MyCAP A mind-full ‘silent’ conversation between a boy and a dog: Boy: HELLPP! Somebody help me!*Screams* He is going to eat me alive *More screamss* Dog: Whats wrong with him*Confused* Why is he screaming? I only want to play with him… Loolll! So the word from the CAP is: Shake off the fear & come down from that tree! You might be surprised at what you’ll find waiting for you! Have a great weekend of pleasant surprises! So what is #YourCAP