Professional Training Programme   in Innovation and Entrepreneurship UK

IPMA-UK Accredited

We have full Professional Accreditation as a Special Teaching and Examination Centre of IPMA-UK to conduct Certified Professional Training Programmes in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship programme was designed as a direct response to the problem of unemployment and growing poverty in the African Continent and in particular our country, Nigeria.

The programme is aimed at reducing the growing number of unemployed by grooming individuals, right from the secondary school level, to develop competencies that will enable them think as entrepreneurs and not just job seekers hoping to join the increasing number of people looking for the white collar jobs.

Participants are trained and geared to become their own bosses as professionals with strong entrepreneurship spirits and the skills to enable them manage business enterprises with dexterity and personal effectiveness.


Programme Benefits

Those who complete the programme will become globally recognized professional managers and/or business owners. They will become Certified International Professional Managers with a wide choice of opportunities which include:

  • Establishing own businesses
  • Consulting careers in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Managing entities in the private and public sectors of the economy
  • Managing SMEs for other established entrepreneurs
  • International professional membership and recognition
  • Access to IPMA’s database / online library
  • Access to free professional advice & consultancy services
  • Continuing professional development through seminars, workshops
  • Opportunity to “top up” with other degrees and certificates obtained from affiliated foreign universities
  • Global networking opportunities
  • Access to finance
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