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Beamaz Consulting is a business consulting and Training firm established with the core objective of “Nurturing businesses and touching lives”..

Array of Services That Meet Every Need

Beamaz Training

Beamaz Consulting is an SME Toolkit Certified training partner and an affiliate of Entrepreneurship Promotions Academy (EPA) and the International Professional Managers Association (IPMA), Uk.

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We assist organizations transform their businesses by developing and implementing structures that would help them achieve their goals

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HUB Support

Our goal at Beamaz is to be the ‘first & final’ point of call and destination for all our clients. We provide an all-encompassing support hub.

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Training Facilities

Come, enjoy and experience the ambience of our beautiful facility - a ‘one-stop’ hub suitable for trainings, seminars, meetings, workshops and strategy sessions.

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Why do business
with us?

We have a strong commitment and passion for results. At Beamaz, we believe in branding and differentiating ourselves by going the extra mile to create that extra value for our clients and participants.


Beamaz At a Glance

Beamaz Empowerment & Training Academy (BETA)

BETA is our Employability and Workplace Readiness programme that has been structured and packaged to help individuals develop employability skills and competencies.

Human Resource (HR) Management

We work with our clients to develop the right structures and processes to manage their human resource requirements and enhance staff productivity.

BETA for Professionals (BETA Pro)

This is an extension of our BETA that has been strategically structured and packaged for professionals and workers who are already in the corporate/business world.


We work with clients to identify the most effective ways to achieve business goals in the most efficient manner.

Beamaz Business Empowerment & Training Academy (BBETA)

BBETA is our Business and Entrepreneurship development Academy that has been designed to promote self employment…


We conduct business and market focused research aimed at providing clients with relevant information.



It represents the first contact with the potential client and discussions with the appropriate authorities to find out the specific needs, requirement, goals and objectives.


Here we develop and structure “tailor-made” strategic solutions to meet the specified requirements based on the identified needs.


At Beamaz, we go the extra mile to evaluate the extent to which our services and sessions were valuable and met the clients’ needs and/or expectations.


We believe in assessing the long-term impact and benefits of our services by monitoring and following-up on the progress of our clients.