1st Floor, Imade House,
5, Shiro Street Jibowu, Lagos


Tick tock tick tock... Less than 48 hours to go! Tax Tax Tax! Its all about Tax!

Join us and get updated with the latest on tax system in Nigeria at the Covenant Capital Annual Tax Seminar, this Saturday, 29th July. Mr. Adewale Ajayi – KPMG Partner in Tax Regulatory and People Services, will be in the house and he will be speaking on “Tax Requirements for SMEs.” In addition, Tax professionals from public and private sectors will also be available to attend to your issues and answer your questions in one-on-one sessions… not to worry, confidentiality is guaranteed! And guess what? Admission is freeeeeeee! So what are you waiting for? Please join us….Its going to be all about TAX.TAX.TAX… & more TAX *wink wink* We can’t wait to welcome YOU! #Information #Knowledge #Power #Tax