TAX. TAX. TAX…. We’v still got TAX on our minds.

TAX. TAX. TAX.... We'v still got TAX on our minds.

They’v still got TAX on their minds… so you should have TAX on your mind too*Wink wink* Real life scenario: Are you in this kind of situation at the moment… “All my business life, I had been sending invoices to clients without including VAT charge in it. I did not expect that the tax authorities will require me to remit VAT when I had not collected any from clients. I received a visit from staff of the tax agency last week and they demanded that I remit VAT on my total turnover for the last three years. While I was still thinking about that, I noticed another line item showing outstanding payments due from me for WHT. I screamed, “What is WHT?” and I was told it is Withholding Tax. When I saw the fines for failure to remit both VAT and WHT, I almost passed out…” Where do I get the money to pay for three years’ outstanding VAT and WHT plus fines? Don’t worry, be happy! Get solutions and tips at the Tax Seminar coming up on the 29th of July by 9am at The Covenant Place Iganmu… We cant wait to welcome YOU!

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